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Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Vital Records
How can I get a birth or death certificate? 02/07/2011 4,772
How can I get a copy of my birth certificate if I don't have a Driver's License or State ID Card? 02/07/2011 1,601
How can I add the father of my child to his or her birth certificate? 02/07/2011 1,023
How do I find genealogy records? 02/07/2011 1,474

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
Do I need a septic permit? 02/07/2011 990
How do I get a septic permit? 02/07/2011 900
How do I locate my septic system? 02/07/2011 887
How much does a soil evaluation cost? 02/07/2011 918
How much will my septic permit cost me? 02/07/2011 880
Should I use septic tank additives? 02/07/2011 828
What can I do to increase the longevity of my septic system? 02/07/2011 821
What is a failing septic system? 02/07/2011 885
What is a septic system? Is mine legal? 02/07/2011 969
Why do I need my septic tank pumped? and How often do I need to pump my tank? 02/07/2011 847

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Nursing Division
Q: “I don’t have insurance and cannot afford to pay the administration fee. What do I do?” 04/24/2014 574
Q: “I have insurance, but have a high deductible and will have to pay out of pocket. What do I do?” 04/24/2014 462
Q: “I called my insurance company and they said vaccines are not covered for my child. What now?” 04/24/2014 474
Q: “I have a health savings account. Do you take those?” 04/24/2014 446
Q: “What if you do not accept my insurance?” 04/24/2014 395
Q: “My child has Medicaid. Will I have to pay anything?” 04/24/2014 411
Q: “What if I cannot bring my child in?” 04/24/2014 391

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Food Services
How do I file a complaint against a food outlet? 02/08/2011 933
How many food outlets are there in Grant County? 02/08/2011 749
How often do you inspect? Do the food outlets know when you are coming to inspect? 02/08/2011 773
What establishments are inspected by the Grant County Health Dept.? 02/08/2011 852